In workplace safety, little problems can have big consequences

When people hear that someone has gotten injured at work, they often imagine big, catastrophic accidents like explosions, serious falls or the malfunction of a powerful machine. While these can certainly be considered workplace accidents that can result in devastating injuries, the fact is that many workers are injured because of less obvious safety risks and hazards.

Workplace injuries are not just suffered by people who work in high-risk jobs; they can — and do — happen to the workers who sit at a desk in a climate controlled environment as well. For example, did you know that, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, conditions known as repetitive stress injuries are some of the fastest growing workplace injuries?

Repetitive stress injuries are those suffered as a result of putting your body through prolonged periods of certain types of activities that causes wear and tear. For example, our bodies aren’t necessarily designed to sit at a desk for eight hours a day typing at a keyboard. Further, we are limited in what our bodies can do, and consistently pushing them past those limits can lead to serious damage.

This is why behaviors like typing, lifting, straining, twisting and sitting can lead to an RSI. It may seem like these types of injuries are not as serious as other, more acute injuries. However, they can be extremely painful and require people suffering with an RSI to make considerable adjustments to their lifestyle. They may also have to undergo rehabilitation and surgery to repair the damage and alleviate the symptoms.

These treatments can be physically and financially challenging, but they can also be necessary to improve a worker’s quality of life. It is crucial to remember that RSIs including carpal tunnel syndrome can be considered workplace injuries and therefore eligible for workers’ compensation coverage. With this coverage, workers can get the financial support they deserve to pursue the physical support they need.

If you are currently struggling with an RSI and are concerned or confused about navigating the process of applying for workers’ compensation, it may be wise to discuss your situation and options with an attorney.

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