Workers’ compensation in Georgia

Employees in Georgia may benefit from remaining more informed about the state’s laws concerning workers’ compensation rights. Workers’ compensation may be described as an accident insurance policy funded by the employer to provide employees who suffer workplace injuries with income, rehabilitation and medical benefits. The benefit package is designed to assist employees with getting back to work in a reasonable amount of time. Employees become covered by workers’ compensation benefits starting the first day on the job.

Surviving relatives of an employee killed in a workplace accident may be entitled to receive benefits as well. Under state law, all businesses with at least three employees, part-time or full-time, are required to provide insurance for workers’ compensation. Employees who suffer a workplace injury are advised to inform the employer, supervisor, manager or foreman about the incident as soon as possible. Workers who wait longer than 30 days to report the injury may be disqualified from collecting any benefits for the injury.

The insurer is responsible for covering the cost of any medical care needed to treat the injuries. Sometimes the care may only be covered if the employee received treatment from a practitioner that was identified by the employer as being approved under the current workers’ compensation plan. Employers can identify medical providers by posting a traditional panel of six physicians, a conformed panel of 10 physicians or by directing employees to a board-certified managed care organization that administers medical services.

Employees struggling to obtain adequate benefits following workplace injuriesmay benefit from consulting with a lawyer as quickly as possible. Legal counsel can be effective in investigating the incident and then assisting with the filing requirements.

Source: State Board of Workers’ Compensation, “Law“, October 13, 2014

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