Statistics on workplace violence and deaths

A study published in 2013 revealed that, in 2011 in Georgia and across the nation, violence in the workplace was the second leading cause of death while at work and accounted for 17 percent of workplace deaths for a total of 791 fatalities. Of that number, 468 were homicides with another 250 reported suicides. Both these numbers were down from 2010.

Workplace violence, specifically homicide, claimed the lives of 20 percent of women who died on the job in 2011. African-American workers experienced 20 percent of the on-the-job deaths. However, these workers represented only 10 percent of all employment hours worked. The top cause of workplace death was due to an attack by robber or assailant while an assault by a co-workers ran a distant second and stood at 49 total homicides. The weapon of choice was a firearm, used in 367 workplace deaths. Retail trade, local government offices and hospitality and restaurant businesses were the top three industries with the highest number of deaths.

Deaths from other job-related causes average 13 each day, not counting fatalities due to occupational illnesses, which total approximately 50,000 workers annually. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 4,693 fatalities at work in 2011, nearly the same number reported in 2010. The states with the highest death rates at work were North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. The states with the lowest death rates were New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Washington. Transportation and warehousing suffered the highest number of on-the-job deaths, closely followed by construction and agriculture.

An employer might be found liable after an incident of workplace violence when someone is seriously injured. A workers’ compensation attorney might help a client file a workers’ compensation claim if they can no longer work due to on-the-job violence.

Source: AFL-CIO, “Death on the Job”, October 09, 2014

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