Tractor accident kills worker at a Georgia country club

On July 28, an accident at a country club in Stone Mountain claimed the life of a worker while he was maintaining the club’s grounds. According to the report, the accident occurred at the bottom of a narrow incline on the Smoke Rise Country Club’s golf course when a male maintenance worker in his 20s was found dead under his tractor, which had overturned and trapped him beneath it. Since there were no witnesses to the accident, the time of its occurrence was unknown.

Other country club employees who found the worker tried unsuccessfully to free him. However, after using another tractor, they removed the overturned tractor off of the worker and placed the machinery back in its original position so as not to destroy any evidence. The employees then called 911, but when rescue personnel arrived on the scene, the captain of the DeKalb Fire Department said that they were unable to do anything to save the worker.

In order to determine the cause of the accident, authorities were set to keep investigating. The victim’s parents were also notified and appeared at the accident scene.

Whenever a fatal workplace accident takes place, the deceased worker’s family members may want to consult with a lawyer if they wish to seek a claim for death and burial benefits. Death benefits may replace a part of the deceased worker’s income, and burial benefits may cover funeral costs. An attorney may be able to assist families by ensuring that they receive the full benefits they deserve.

Source: CBS 46, “Maintenance worker killed in country club rollover accident”, David Yirchott , July 29, 2014

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