Georgia worker dies after fall

A 51-year-old employee at a Kellogg’s factory in Augusta died almost two weeks after he fell while working on June 24. The man was standing on the second or third rung of a 6-foot ladder when, according to the county coroner, he slipped from the ladder and hit his head and neck on a nearby piece of equipment. The man apparently did not initially show signs of a serious injury other than having a respiratory problem.

After the worker went to the University Hospital in Georgia, doctors diagnosed him with a fractured neck. During surgery on his neck, the man had complications, and doctors were forced to stop the operation. The worker died on July 6.

OSHA is investigating the accident, and an initial report was to be released the week after the man’s death. According to a representative for Kellogg’s, the company is cooperating with OSHA in its investigation. The representative also expressed grief that the company had lost an employee.

If someone experiences a work-related injury or illness, he or she can obtain financial compensation for their medical and rehabilitative expenses through workers’ compensation insurance. Employers in Georgia are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage if they have more than three employees.

In cases of minor injuries, workers can often file for compensation on their own. Some people, however, may benefit from meeting with a lawyer to discuss their case. For example, if someone has not received the compensation that he or she is entitled to under the law, they may need to seek legal assistance. A lawyer could also represent the family of a deceased worker in seeking workers’ compensation death benefits.

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