Injured film crew member files a lawsuit

Seven members of a crew were injured on February 20, 2014 when a freight train struck the Georgia location where a film was shooting. On May 29, a crew member injured in the collision filed a lawsuit against Gregg Allman, the film’s executive producer, as well as against other producers associated with the film. This is the second lawsuit filed in conjunction with this incident. The week before, the parents of an assistant camera operator killed in the collision filed a wrongful death suit against the filmmakers.

Both lawsuits allege that the filmmakers and their assistants failed to secure legal permission to film from CSX Corporation, the owners of the railroad trestle in rural Wayne County that was used as a location. A hospital bed was placed on the tracks as a prop, and a freight train struck the hospital bed, killing one crew member and injuring six others.

The plaintiff has also filed suit against wood-products manufacturer Rayonier, the company that owned the land adjacent to the freight train tracks where the collision took place, claiming that when Rayonier gave the producers permission to shoot on its property, the company gave producers erroneous information about the number of freight trains using the tracks. Additionally, the plaintiff has filed a lawsuit against CSX, alleging that the railroad company should have known the film crew was shooting in the area and taken proper precautions.

Since the plaintiff was working when the train collision took place, she may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation as well as any other damages that may arise in conjunction with third party negligence. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can offer counsel and representation to individuals who are injured while performing their jobs.

Source: Savannah Morning News, “Hairstylist hurt in Gregg Allman film fatal crash files lawsuit”, May 29, 2014

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