OSHA sponsors stand-down at highway work zone sites in Georgia

For April 7-11, Occupational Safety and Health Administration partnered with construction contractors, the state of Georgia, the Federal Highway Administration and local governmental entities to support a one hour shut down of all construction activities throughout the state. During that week, construction workers agreed to stop working between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Eastern Time. The purpose of this work stoppage was to allow safety training that teaches how to prevent construction workers from being injured by cars while working on the highway.

Most of the deaths that occur at these construction sites occur when objects and motorized vehicles strike the construction workers. About three quarters of those fatalities are caused by heavy equipment. The Georgia Struck-By Alliance organized the work stoppage by partnering with a number of organizations. The stand-down was designed to help construction workers learn to identify and eliminate work-related dangers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 places responsibility on employers to provide safe and healthy work places. The role of OSHA is to make certain that employers provide these safe environments for American workers by enforcing minimum environmental standards and by providing training, assistance and education.

It is important for all employers and employees to be aware of the health and safety standards that regulate the construction industry, especially as they relate to work zone safety. Anyone who has been injured during construction work may find it helpful to speak with a Georgia attorney who is familiar with worker’s compensation. The attorney can help injured people determine if they can receive worker’s compensation or if they must file a lawsuit against someone other than their employer.

Source: Workers Compensation, “OSHA Announces Safety Stand-Down At Georgia Highway Work Zone Sites April 7-11”, April 03, 2014

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