Deceased worker’s family sues construction company

Those who live in Georgia might be interested in learning about a recent lawsuit concerning a worker who was killed on Dec. 3 at a construction site at Texas A&M. The 28-year-old worker was killed after he fell four stories while renovation work was being done on the football stadium at the university.

The family of the fallen worker filed a negligence lawsuit mid-December against a Houston company, J.T. Vaughn Construction, LLC, as well as several other firms associated with the project. According to the family’s attorney, the suit seeks unspecified damages and was filed on behalf of the worker’s mother and two small children. Vaughn Construction’s spokesperson is not familiar with the lawsuit and has declined to comment so far.

According to A&M officials, the man was employed by Lindamood Demolition of Irving when the incident occurred. Lindamood is also a defendant in the suit; however, its representative passed a request for comment to an A&M spokesperson who has not yet returned calls.

This worker’s family is suffering the loss of a loved one and perhaps its primary provider of income. An investigation might indicate that some, if not all the defendants, could be at fault as far as the death of the worker is concerned. Although financial relief cannot replace an individual’s life, it may provide necessary funding for education for the children, funeral expenses and cost of living. Workers’ compensation benefits might fail to provide adequate payment for such expenses; however, the family’s attorney might choose to litigate or negotiate with the insurance companies in an attempt to arrive at a favorable outcome.

Source: USA Today, “Family of worker killed in Kyle Field fall suing construction company”, December 23, 2013

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