Firefighter sustains minor injury during shop fire

A firefighter was injured while recently fighting a late-night fire at a health food store located in Albany, Georgia. The fire, which investigators believe to have started near one of the store’s electrical outlets, was subsequently confirmed to be electrical in origin. Four firefighting units and a number of support vehicles responded to the blaze.

According to an official report provided by the Albany Fire Department, the injured firefighter was struck in the neck by a piece of broken glass that had been sucked through a ventilation fan. The report indicates that the firefighter was treated at the scene of the fire, and that he was able to normal duties immediately after receiving treatment.

No other people were injured according to the official report released regarding the fire. As of this time, officials have not released any information on the estimated dollar amount of the damage sustained to the premises as a result of the fire.

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Source:, “Ga. Firefighter Injured in Vitamin Shop Fire”, Jim West, September 18, 2013

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