Georgia industrial accident probed after 2 men hurt in explosion

An explosion at a South Georgia hazardous waste plant landed two men in the hospital and left investigators with a lot of unanswered questions. Authorities looking into the cause of the industrial accident traveled to Florida, where the men were in guarded condition after being airlifted for their injuries following the explosion. The facility belonged to Perma-Fix Environmental Services, a company described as a provider of nuclear waste treatment solutions.

Officials ruled out foul play as a cause of the plant explosion, but were interviewing the men in an effort to discover what did cause the blast. They said that they would use any information that they were able to glean from the workers’ eyewitness testimony together with evidence from the fire’s debris to try to find a probable cause. It was added that the interviews were expected to help authorities definitively narrow down the possible causes of the accident.

Officials reassured members of the community that, although the Perma-Fix plant did handle hazardous as well as non-hazardous industrial waste, nothing radioactive or nuclear was handled by the facility. In addition, daily testing performed by the Environmental Protection Agency affirmed air, soil and water in the area to be safe. Since the office portion of the facility wasn’t damaged in the fire or explosion, Perma-Fix was expected to resume minimal operations soon after the blast.

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