Report shows states most at risk for on-the-job injuries

Georgia workers may be interested to hear that a study by Allsup, which provides Social Security disability insurance across the nation, found that the three states with the highest number of workers’ injuries were Maine, Indiana and California. Georgia was reported to be on par with the national average of workers who are injured while on the job with 0.7 injuries per 100 full-time industry workers.

The study found that employees who were most at risk for injuries were those who worked in nursing homes or care facilities with a total of 7.1 per 100 workers. In New York, which had the lowest number of injuries, those who were merchant wholesalers dealing with wine and other alcoholic beverages were the most at risk with a reported 0.5 per 100 workers injured while on the job.

According to the report, more than 1 million employees suffer from an injury that causes them to mist at least one day of work. The report indicated that there are a number of factors that increase or decrease the risk of on-the-job injuries. However, the report did not go into detail regarding those factors.

When employees are injured while doing their job, they may be entitled to certain benefits to help them deal with their recovery and sudden inability to work. In some cases, however, the employer’s insurance company may deny a claim or not award enough compensation to cover medical bills. An experienced Georgia attorney may be able to help by working with the insurance company to come to a resolution that benefits their client. In the rare instance that a case cannot be settled, the attorney may also provide a strong representation in trial using all of the available evidence regarding the injury.

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Source: International Business Times, “Maine Is The Most Dangerous Place In The US To Work: New York Is Safest”, David Kashi, July 11, 2013
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