Georgia sanitation workers injured in explosion

According to a Marietta Police Department spokesperson, two sanitation workers were injured when an oxygen tank exploded inside of a garbage truck. The explosion occurred on Brentwood Drive at approximately 8 a.m. on Friday, June 28 when apparently the truck crushed some oxygen tanks that had been thrown away at a residence. A person at the home had thrown the tanks away while cleaning the home which had belonged to a deceased relative.

Authorities say that there was shrapnel from the oxygen tank scattered down the street. One of the sanitation workers suffered cuts to his face. The other sustained serious eye injuries. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. When a person is hurt in a workplace accident, they may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation.

The sanitation workers who were injured in the explosion may be entitled to workers’ compensation for their injuries. In addition, they may be entitled to compensation from the homeowner who did not properly dispose of the oxygen tanks. A workers’ compensation lawyer might review the facts of the case to determine the possibility of filing against the parties.

The man who suffered injuries to his eyes may not be able to return to his job. He may be eligible for compensation for his medical care and his lost wages. In some situations, employers will make a settlement offer that is too low to offset the actual cost of an injury or disability. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer might be able to negotiate for a more substantial award. If the matter cannot be settled through negotiation, the next step would be litigation in court. A lawyer may be able to make a case in court for the maximum possible award amount.

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta, “Two hurt when oxygen tank explodes in garbage truck”, June 28, 2013

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