Workers sue after being injured in industrial accident

Industrial workers in Georgia may be interested in a recent case in Louisiana that has drawn national attention. After several workers were injured and two were killed during an accident at a chemical plant in Geismar, Louisiana, on June 13, three pipe fitters filed a claim against the company after the fatal blast, accusing the company of improperly maintaining its pipelines and equipment. The claim was filed June 21 and seeks unspecified damages for their injuries.

The three workers had been repairing leaking pipes that had reportedly failed federal inspections when the explosion occurred, and they became trapped inside the plant with other workers. They were unable to escape until another worker ran a company truck through a locked gate, setting them free. The workers’ attorney stated that the company had not provided them with the proper safety instructions, including emergency and escape procedures.

One of the workers was propelled off scaffolding by the blast and is reportedly seeking damages for serious back injuries. Depending upon the details of the factory explosion, evidence could possibly indicate that the company had been negligent in its safety measures and education. If this is the case, the chemical company may be liable for damages.

Working in factories can be dangerous; however, there are laws in Georgia to protect people in that line of work. Those injured in an industrial accident may face what could appear to be insurmountable medical bills. On-the-job-injuries may result in loss of wages and may put an unnecessary strain on a worker and his or her family’s finances. An experienced industrial accident attorney could help Georgia residents suffering from workplace injuries or illnesses by evaluating their cases and, if advisable, helping them file a claim to hold their negligent employers accountable and potentially recover compensation for their decreased quality of living and medical costs.

Source: Business Week, “Williams Cos. Sued by Workers Injured in Louisiana Plant Blast”, Laurel Brubaker , June 24, 2013

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