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Initial reports last week suggested that four workers were injured when an explosion erupted at Plant Bowen in Bartow County, Georgia. Officials from the plant later revised that information and say that three workers suffered injuries in the workplace explosion. Two of the injured workers were treated at the plant for minor injuries. A third workplace accident victim was taken to the hospital and was released later Thursday night-the same day that the blast rocked the coal fired plant.

The accident was reported Thursday at the Georgia Power facility, which is located about 50 miles northwest of Atlanta. Officials are continuing to look into what led to the accident. The incident occurred shortly before 4:00 Thursday afternoon as workers were bringing a unit offline for maintenance.

Some kind of malfunction occurred in the generator at the power facility when the unit exploded. Metal panels were ripped from the walls of the plant in the blast-thankfully the three workers reportedly only suffered minor injuries.

Authorities say that the most frequent causes of a blast at a coal-fired power plant involve a leak of hydrogen gas or a situation where coal dust that has built up ignites into an explosion. Buildups of coal dust in a coal-fired plant can lead to successive blasts as one explosion can ignite coal dust in the air of the plant.

Officials are keeping mum on what may have caused Thursday’s accident pending further investigation. It is also not clear from media reports the actual nature and extent of injuries the three workers sustained.

Obviously, an explosion at any kind of industrial plant can lead to serious injuries for workers. The concussive force of the blast alone may be enough to harm workers. The damage that a blast may cause inside the structure can expose workers to additional hazards. And any blast involving a combustible material can cause fire related injuries, including burn injuries.

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