Applying for Social Security Disabilty

Not everyone is qualified for benefits under the Social Security Disability (SSD) program. For them there is another program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a federal cash assistance program that provides money for food, clothing and shelter to low-income disabled individuals.

SSI benefits are not based on your work history, as SSD benefits are, but on your assets. Obtaining SSI benefits requires that the applicant have a low income and limited assets, be over 65, not own his or her own home, and be disabled in a way that qualifies him or her for benefits.

Unlike SSD, which is funded by Social Security taxes, SSI is funded by general tax revenues. Therefore, in order to qualify for SSI, one doesn’t need to have earned a minimum amount of Social Security credits, as in SSD.

Georgia Supplemental Security Income Lawyers

Having too much of some kinds of property will disqualify you from SSI. The Social Security Administration will hold it against you if you own too much real property, too many vehicles, extensive personal property, sizable financial accounts, substantial life insurance policies and cash. The SSA allows you to own your home and the land it is on, your personal effects and household goods, family burial plots and burial funds for you and your spouse up to $1,500, and one vehicle. Life insurance policies are allowed with a value of $1,500 or less.

There are other rules and restrictions on SSI, which the attorneys at Tillman & Associates will be happy to discuss with you. You may also wish to discuss your eligibility for concurrent benefits under both SSD and SSI.

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