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Tillman & Associates is a law firm devoted to helping injured Georgians pursue financial relief.

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I have spoken to many clients and potential clients over the years who express major concern over hiring an attorney in a workers’ compensation case for fear of losing their job. This is particularly true in these times we live in now. What I explain is that it is very much against the company’s interest to terminate an injured employee because when that person is medically released with restrictions, the company cannot offer them a job and the weekly benefits must continue. This is not a happy moment for their workers’ compensation insurance company.

Another reason that we like to be involved early on in a worker’s compensation case is that, even in a case that SEEMS all on track in the moment, you can rest assured that the insurance company is always looking for a way out. Be that by careful choosing of a favorable doctor, or simply not informing the worker of their rights under the law and taking advantage of that situation. What we do is stand guard at the door and insure that our clients are protected, that the insurers and their attorneys are following the law, and that the claim stays “between the ditches” all the way to a point where settlement might be appropriate. That is often dependent on where the claim is medically.

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Tillman & Associates was established to represent and help individuals and businesses by developing effective and creative problem solving strategies. Leveraging our broad skillset and knowledgeable attorneys, we are able to offer our clients exceptional legal services coupled with a strong focus on customer service. Our mission is to empower our clients to succeed in all that they endeavor.


If you have been injured at work or contracted a job-related illness, consult with a lawyer who can guide you through the process of obtaining compensation. We are experienced in all phases of Georgia’s workers compensation process.


If you or a loved one suffered an on the job injury, you may be entitled to compensation beyond what your employer provides. As skilled Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys, we can help you obtain the settlement or benefits you deserve.


Tillman & Associates is a law firm devoted to helping injured Georgians pursue financial relief. Call our Atlanta, Georgia, office at 404-315-0000 to arrange a free consultation.

How we can help

In both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, an unfavorable outcome can be devastating. An adverse award on a workers’ compensation claim means that it has been denied and no income benefits or medical payments will be made. No rehabilitation services will be extended and the injured individual who is unable to work will find it difficult to meet even his or her basic needs.

Nobody deserves added financial stress while living with a serious illness, injury or disability. That’s why Tillman & Associates, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, is committed to helping clients all over Georgia seek full and fair compensation under the law. With more than 35 years of legal experience, attorney Burt Tillman and the staff at Tillman & Associates know how to pursue your claim and obtain the benefits you need and deserve.

Burt Tillman is a respected leader in work injury and disability claims in Georgia. He has helped thousands of individuals and families all over the state secure benefits while earning the respect of judges and his peers. Lawyers at other Atlanta workers’ compensation firms turn to Tillman & Associates when they have questions about workers’ compensation claims because, as they put it, “we know how to win.”

Client Review

“Burt, Courtney, & Penny are absolutely amazing! They’ve helped me navigate through my Workman’s Comp nightmare. Still not finished with the process, but couldn’t imagine having anyone else on my side! Seriously, if you have a personal injury, look no further, they’re amazing!”
Josh S.
Client Review


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